Michael & Heather WebbRegional Coordinators for Africa

Their Ministry Focus

As regional coordinators for Africa, Mike and Heather understand their role as facilitating healthy spaces for the Church of God in Africa to thrive. To that end, they travel throughout the region, working in collaboration with national leaders to develop regional ministry strategies and country-specific strategies, cultivating relationships within the Church of God across Africa, connecting the church across the region. They also oversee projects and missionaries in the region, providing pastoral care and supervision.


Their Story

An African proverb says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” The Global Strategy regional coordinators working with the Church of God in Africa need to be leaders who are not interested in going quickly alone, but in going far together with teammates and national leaders. Mike and Heather Webb are such leaders.

Mike, who grew up in the Church of God, went on his first missions trip with his family at age four. He holds a bachelor’s degree in educational ministries with an emphasis in cross-cultural ministry from Huntington College (now University), a master’s degree in missions and intercultural studies from Wheaton College, and a doctorate of intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also an ordained minister of the Church of God, previously serving for two years as a pastor in Ohio.

Heather’s call to international ministry came in high school and was confirmed on a missions trip to Haiti. She holds a bachelor’s degree in educational ministries from Huntington College (now University), where she and Mike met. She later earned an AAS in nursing from University of Cincinnati. They are the parents of a girl who loves to travel and explore the world.

From childhood, God has been moving in the lives of Mike and Heather, connecting their passion to ministry in places far and near—from overseas mission trips to a two-year stint as missionaries in Southeast Asia, from their five years of missionary service in Tanzania with Global Missions to their work with HEART Institute in Florida.

When they returned to the United States in 2012 after five years of service in Tanzania, Mike and Heather had no idea that God would call them back to an international assignment so soon. But in 2015 they accepted the role of Global Strategy regional coordinators for Africa with joy.

During their five years in Tanzania, the Webbs placed a high priority on building relationships with Tanzanians. Through daily encounters, language was learned, relationships were built, dreams were shared, and ministry was advanced. They walked alongside local leaders to build rich communities of faith together. Most importantly, through the work of the Holy Spirit, people were empowered and the Kingdom grew.

The Webbs have taken the lessons of their missionary service in Tanzania with them as they’ve reentered ministry in Africa as regional coordinators with their daughter. From their home base in Tanzania, they are connecting their God-given passion in strategic ministry with national leaders in seventeen countries where the Church is God is at work—from West Africa to East Africa to Southern Africa.

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