Joshua & Audrey WeigerMissionaries to Germany

Their Ministry Focus

Audrey is an integral part of the Pink Door ministry for women transitioning out of the sex trade and sex trafficking, providing accounting and business skills. Josh works across the region, focusing on youth ministries and youth camps, as well as on young, emerging leaders, developing, support, and encouraging them. Part of his role has been helping launch and support the 3W Leadership Network.


Their Story

Josh and Audrey fell in love with Jesus and God’s people early. That love has called them to mentor young Church of God leaders in Europe and the Middle East, and to serve people caught in human trafficking, helping them to build healthy and sustainable lives. They are pursuing their passions with the Three Worlds team.

Their motto is: Love God, Love People. They are passionate about bridging generations, building up young leaders, equipping others to fulfill their God-given dreams, and using business as mission to provide for God’s people.

“We believe that life is often perplexing, but that God is big enough to handle our questions and the circumstances life throws at us. God will bring about God’s kingdom on this earth through us, as followers of Christ. What a gift we have in our relationship with God and with each other.

Audrey worked for Anderson University Admissions for eight years. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Anderson University in communication (public relations), Christian ministries, and German, and then also earned an MBA. She ran a non-profit organization with friends from college, making and selling hand-made journals. Proceeds supported women with HIV/AIDS and women emerging from sex trafficking.

Joshua moved to Alabama at the age of eight. Before joining Global Strategy and the Three Worlds team, he pastored students and families at Park Place Church of God for seven years. He completed his undergraduate studies in Christian ministries at Anderson University and interned in two youth ministries and with the International Youth Convention.

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