The Daniel Warner Institute in Posadas, Argentina is a theology school equipping pastors and ministry leaders for a life of service.  The school is looking to add a few new facilities, including a multi-purpose classroom with technological capabilities and a bathroom that is handicap accessible.


The total project cost is $6,500.


The Daniel Warner Institute serves leaders from around the region who gain knowledge and practical skills to return and be pastors and ministry leaders in their home country. For 15 years, it was a distance program until 2009 when it opened a physical location as well.


The goal of this project is to train leaders in a three-year program that covers a variety of topics and challenges in ministry. As the school continues to grow it’s physical location, they need new facilities for larger group work and handicap accessible bathrooms to meet the needs of anyone interested in studying there.


The local church and school are covering 60% of the project cost, but 40% is still needed to make the addition of a multi-purpose room and handicap accessible bathroom a reality.

The total cost for the project is $6,500.



The tagline for the Warner Institute is “Creer, Crecer, Servir” – “Believe, Grow, Serve.” All three of these elements are integrated into the teaching and philosophy of the school. The location of the school (shown below) is at the intersection of Paraguay and Argentina, making it a perfect location for Paraguayan pastors to study and remain connected to their home congregations.

  • The school is a three-year program that runs from February to November each year.
  • While taking classes, students also spend their weekends serving at various Church of God congregations in Paraguay to gain practical experience.
  • Classes are taught by approximately ten professors who are also either pastors or lay leaders.

Below is a list of the courses by year:

First Year: Theology 1, Philosophy, Greek, Old Testament, History 1, Hermeneutics,
Speech and Spanish, Theology of Worship, Homiletics

Second Year: Theology 2, New Testament, History 2, English, Social Studies,
Psychology, Christian Education, Radio and TV workshop, Professional practice 1

Third Year: Theology 3, Counseling, Professional Practice 2, Biblical Exegesis, History
of the Evangelical Church, Social Pedagogy, Ethics, Human Rights, Holistic mission



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As the physical space for the school needs to grow, the administration is looking to create spaces that can have multiple purposes and to meet standards of accessibility. Below is a brief sketch of the two new spaces and their purpose.


Multipurpose Room

The first space they want to construct is a multipurpose room. This room will be able to house a larger class and have up-to-date technology capabilities. It will also be utilized as a study room for students needing space to work.

One of the goals with the new classroom space is to be a resource to other local universities in their city. The Warner Institute promotes integral mission, the idea that all of our lives should be on mission for God. In the same way, they want their spaces to be open to anyone. Their multipurpose room will be used for tutoring that students from the Warner Institute offer to university students from other local universities as a way to support them and share their faith.

Handicap accessible bathrooms

Another improvement they are planning to add is a handicap accessible bathroom. This will not only meet standards for local facilities, but also allow them to reach out to another subset of the population who would not have been able to engage fully in their school.

The total project cost for the improvements on the facility is $16,000. The local church and community is providing around 60% of the cost leaving only $6,500 to finish the project.

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