Radio Alternativa is looking to expand their programming to include an hour-long program each week for youth and women.


The total project cost is $2,825 per year.

Project # 42.40429


Radio Alternativa is looking to expand their programming to include an hour program each week for youth and women.


The total project cost is $2,825 per year.

Project # 42.40429


Radio Alternativa is a Christian radio station which is a ministry of the Church of God in Paraguay. It started in 1999 and was the first, and for a long time only, Christian radio station in Southern Paraguay.


The goal of this project is to begin two new radio programs. One will focus on youth and the other on women. The two programs will include new hosts and weekly programming that will reach a new demographic.


The cost for both programs is $500/mo. But Marcos Kurrle already has sponsors in country for over half the cost, so the total per year is only $2,285/yr or about $235/mo.

Marcos Kurrle
Director of Radio Alternativa

New Radio Programs

Youth Program

The specific goal of the youth program is to reach young non-christians of their city, encourage them to give their life to Christ, and help them find a Christian church to grow spiritually. They want to make one 2-hour program per week to be aired on either Friday or Saturday evening. They will be up-to-date with excellent program quality, music, challenges, and advice for young adults. They have seen the opportunity of dynamic radio programs in their community to engage young adults.

Programa Juvenil:La meta específica del programa es alcanzar a jóvenes no cristianos de nuestra ciudad, se entreguen a Jesús y puedan encontrar una Iglesia Cristiana para crecer espiritualmente.   Queremos hacer un programa de 2 horas una vez por semana por la noche, probablemente los viernes o sábados.   Queremos estar bien actualizados con excelente calidad de programa, músicas, desafíos, consejos positivos para toma sabia de decisiones correctas en esta etapa de la vida.   La idea realmente captar a jóvenes no cristianos aun con un programa bien dinámico.


Women’s Program

The program for ladies will be geared to giving them encouraging messages, reflections, and good music. It will focus on ideas on their daily life, caring for children, and how to face difficult situations with God’s help. This will be a Christ centered message and will happen once a week for 2 hours or 2 times a week.

Programa Femenil:  El programa para chicas mayores y mujeres estará orientado a acompañarles con buenos mensajes, reflexiones y buena música. Ayudarles con ideas en sus tareas diarias, disciplina de los hijos y como enfrentar situaciones difíciles  del día a día con la ayuda de Dios.   Un programa orientado desde un punto de vista Cristo céntrico pero actual. Inicialmente una vez por semana 2 horas o 2 veces por semana.

To learn about the history of Radio Alternativa,
read Telling the Story of Radio Alternativa
by Norberto Kurrle.


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