The church in Nicaragua is caring for the children in their community by providing a free meal once a week to those in need. The church has asked for assistance from Global Strategy to help them increase the meals they provide per week so more kids receive consistent nutritional meals.


The total project cost is $7,060 per year.


Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The Church of God in Nicaragua, started by Guillermo Herrera, serves in poor communities that are dealing with many challenges from food insecurity to addiction.


Though there are great challenges in Nicaragua, Pastor Guillermo sees hope in caring for children in his community so that they can grow up and make a difference throughout Nicaragua. For this reason, the local church started providing meals to children once a week.


Pastor Guillermo has a passion to serve kids at least three meals a week. Volunteers from the church purchase and prepare the food for each meal. The cost is just under $.60 per kid, per meal. With a goal to serve 100 kids each meal and to provide the meals for 10 months (40 weeks), the total cost to provide meals for one year is $7,060.

That’s 12,000 meals provided for kids in need in one year! Will you join us in making it a reality?

Quick facts about Nicaragua
  • Total population: over 6 million
  • In land mass, it is slightly larger than Pennsylvania and slightly smaller than New York 
  • Largest country in Central America
  • Nearly 30% of the population lives below the poverty line
  • Unemployment is around 6%, but underemployment was 46.5% in 2008
  • Nicaragua is young, the median age is 25.7 years (as opposed to 37.9 in the US)
  • Infant mortality is 4 times more likely in Nicaragua than in the the United States
  • Voting age is 16 years

Pastor Guillermo Shares His Experience


“We live in a poor country and we face poverty in every city in different ways. I remember myself as a kid, I did not have food at home. We had too many mouths to feed in our family and did not have enough food. It was a difficult childhood. But today, God has given us the opportunity to serve these kids and it is a pleasure to do that. We ask for your help because we cannot accomplish this alone, you can make it possible to provide a meal for one kid with your donation. And we can continue to share God’s love, not just with words, but also with our actions.”

Feeding Program

Will you join Global Strategy in caring for vulnerable children in Nicaragua?

Ways to make a difference

  • Check – make checks payable to “Church of God Ministries” and specify “Nicaragua Feeding Program – 42.40125 in the memo line.
  • Online – visit this link

For more information, contact Global Strategy Projects at 800.848.2464 or

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