La Trompeta is the official publication arm of the Church of God serving Spanish-language countries. It has been a staple resource for connectivity and theological education for over 60 years.


The total project cost is $6,500 per year.


The Church of God in Latin America is connected through the Interamerican Conference, a regional body that helps maintain connectivity. There are 19 countries and 61,000 members of the Church of God.


Church of God leaders and lay people around the region read La Trompeta for personal growth, doctrinal learning, and to enhance their discipleship.


The cost for the publication is nominal, only $4 for a year subscription. But this does not cover the entire operating costs. There are also places, such as Cuba, where the subscription cost is subsidized.

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About La Trompeta

La Trompeta has been serving the Church of God in Latin America for over 60 years. Like it’s namesake, The Gospel Trumpet, the publication is both a place where leaders and laity can learn about Church of God doctrine, but also get updates and current happenings from around the region.

The publication has a quarterly print copy and online resource.The online resources focuses more on regional updates, but also includes sections like a music page that offers free Christian music from around the region.


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La Trompeta and the Cuban Church


by David Miller / Originally published online by ChogNews (April 6, 2016)

“We want to let you know that we continue to receive the magazine La Trompeta, which is a great blessing. Pray for us, that the Lord will train us more every day in his Word.”

“I always share articles from La Trompeta with my brothers and sisters in the faith, so they can know more of the Word for their edification.”

Letters like these from Christian believers in Cuba arrive in a steady stream at the editor’s desk of the official Spanish-language magazine of the Church of God. Named for its English forerunner, The Gospel Trumpet, La Trompeta has been an enduring encouragement to Cuban Christians for more than sixty years.

Introduced by missionary Faith Stewart in 1935, the Church of God movement was well established in Cuba in 1959 when the Revolution defeated the Batista regime and new leaders declared a moratorium on foreign missionaries. Today the number of evangelical Protestant church groups on the island is tiny in comparison to the rest of Latin America.

Cuban Christians, like their Latin counterparts, are hungry for sound Biblical teaching. Yet, they have little personal contact with fellow believers outside the country. Scant Internet access means they have limited ability to communicate or study via cyberspace.

“We want to let you know that we continue to receive the magazine La Trompeta, which is a great blessing. Pray for us, that the Lord will train us more every day in his Word.”

As a result, print media like La Trompeta magazine have been the principle source of teaching and information for Cuban Christians. The Church of God has had the unique opportunity, and a solemn responsibility, to witness to the transforming power of Jesus through print media.

Unlike other Latinos, Cuban readers receive the magazine for free, due to the fact that the subscription cost is roughly equivalent to a month’s wages for the average worker. Generous sponsors from Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Oregon and other parts of the United States provide La Trompeta to readers in Cuba.

During my tenure as editor of the magazine, I noted that about half of the letters that arrived from Cuba were written by Christians outside the Church of God movement, a testimony to the broad impact it has had there.

“I am a missionary of the Methodist Church in Cuba and La Trompeta has been a great blessing in the ministry to which God has called me. Many lives have been transformed through its pages. I get these magazines on loan and have to return them later, it is very difficult to find Bibles and Christian literature. Pray for my nation.”

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