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General Global Strategy Projects

  • Global Strategy—General (42.04200)
    This project provides support for basic mission needs around the world. Global Strategy staff evaluates and disburses funds when needed to build ministry efforts. (Annual Goal $100,000)
  • Care & Renewal—Missionaries (42.20001)
    Funds received for Care and Renewal are used for missionaries in need of counseling and debriefing as needed. This fund would pay for conferences, seminars, and continuing education to bring about ministry-related health and growth. (Annual Goal $5,000)
  • Preparers of the Path (42.20010)
    Funds from this account are used to help prepare missionaries to go to the field and to help missionaries-elect with their start-up budget. (Annual Goal $10,000)
  • Emergency Aid (42.20032)
    This fund enables a timely response to emergency needs affecting Church of God missionaries, constituents, or congregations in international regions. (Annual Goal $7,000)
  • New Ministry Opportunities (42.20505)
    New ministry opportunities sometimes come to our attention from missionaries, national leaders, or the general assembly in different countries. This project allows Global Strategy to seize ministry opportunities not included in the current budget. (Annual Goal $15,000)
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