Thousands of refugees came to France in the last few years to flee wars, poor and difficult living conditions, and economic hardships in their home countries. The church is the only solution for this crisis! However, in order to serve these refugees effectively, a dedicated missionary church is needed. The @home project is the birthing of a church on the ground to reach this population. It is a bridge between Arabic-speaking Christians and churches through teaching French, sharing the Gospel and making disciples.


The total project cost is $50,000 per year.

Project # 42.30501


The Church of God in Paris has historically been an Arabic-speaking congregation. It was planted in 1989 by the Church of God in Lebanon. Their church services have been in Arabic with translations into French, but they have primarily maintained their Arabic heritage.


Now, the Church of God in Paris has been given an incredible Kairos moment to make an impact. The Arabic speaking church in Paris has now seen an influx of refugees, many of which are Arabic speaking themselves! Samir Salibi, a young leader in the church, has made this an opportunity to utilize their language skills to reach out to the vulnerable refugee populations descending on their city.


Global Strategy is helping to financially support this endeavor, sending funds that will help in the rental of a facility, kids club costs, and for the purchase of goods for their resource distributions.

The total annual project cost is $50,000.


“For many years now we have been praying for a clear direction for the Church of God Paris with a desire to serve and reach souls… The Lord has opened doors for Biblical counseling and to serve among the Arabic-speaking refugees.”

Samir Salibi
@home leader

The Refugee Situation in Paris

The refugee situation in Europe took a dramatic turn in 2015 with an incredible influx of people seeking safety from the increasingly volatile situations in their home countries. The numbers are staggering…

There is an estimated 21.3 million refugees worldwide

Over half of the refugees worldwide are under the age of 18

53% of the refugees come from three countries: Somalia, Afghanistan, and Syria

There was an unprecedented 1,015,078 refugees arriving in Europe by sea in 2015


The journey is dangerous. Nearly 3,500 were dead or missing in 2016 from their journey to Europe. When they arrive, sometimes living on the streets is the only option. Refugees are searching for hope in the despair they are living. Some are being visited by Jesus in their dreams.

Patrick Nachtigall tells about the stories he heard when visiting with refugees in Paris. “One refugee we met saw their boat enter into a dangerous storm, but everyone called on the name of Jesus and were saved. That refugee is now on a quest to find out who this Jesus is that he owes his life to!”

@home: a place of refuge

@home leader, Samir Salibi, has an answer to this crisis. And it is the church!
Samir calls @home, “the church in action and on the ground.”

@home engages with refugees in four ways:

Integration: aiding refugees with integration into French culture

Evangelization: going to camps and apartments where refugees live and sharing the hope of Christ

Kids Bible Clubs: reaching the kids of refugees

Biblical Counseling: being an emotional support to refugees and Christians engaging in refugee work


“Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others; then they will not be unproductive.”  – Titus 3:14 (NIV)


As Samir and his team have engaged with over 100 refugees, a common message come to the fore. Samir says, “The majority of the refugees stated to us that they have a need to learn French, that their days are basically free with very little to do and they are in need of friendships. Basically, their main need is to integrate into the French culture and get their immigration documents.”

In order to meet this need, @home has a certified French-Arabic interpreter who volunteers to teach French to the refugees wishing to learn.

They also plan to take weekend church retreats to explore France with refugees for integration. Their team that doesn’t speak Arabic will also learn Arabic. They hope to open an official French-language learning school specifically geared toward refugees in 2018


Evangelization is done in at least two different ways: evangelization with refugees in Paris as well as those in refugee camps in Greece.

In Paris, @home teams go to refugee housing units around Paris to build relationships and share the gospel. They have done this already in Telegraph and they plan to replicate it in other locations.

They have also done missions trips to Arabic-speaking refugee camps in Greece to begin connection even before they reach France. These trips consist of evangelism as well as teaching English.

Kids Bible Clubs

The @home teams invites kids to the monthly Bible club and they advertise the event in all the main train stations. This is an opportunity for the team to share the message of Christ with kids who can in turn share it with their parents. In simple ways, they share the foundations of the faith and care for kids who have often experienced trauma.

On top of monthly meetings, they also have Christmas celebrations and praise & worship events.

Biblical Counseling

The @home teams offers counseling to both refugees and to the Christians who engage in ministry to the refugees. They doing continual training of their team in Biblical counseling as well as offering theme weekends around issues like suffering, couples, and parent and child relationships.

They hope to open a school dedicated to Biblical counseling in 2019.

@home will have a central location with other sites. They will share other things as well:

  • Common Sunday
  • church service
  • Baptisms
  • Praying meeting
  • Training sessions
  • Team meetings
  • Individual meetings
  • Children’s Club
  • Events
@home by the numbers
@home by the numbers
55+ followers and supporters
20+ leaders
40+ contacts: Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese, Afghans
2 sites : Telegraph and Cergy
1 Event : 40+ Muslim people came at Christmas Event
7+ Churches collaborate with @Home

Patrick Nachtigall writes of a recent trip to Paris,

“The impact that @home is having has been swift and dramatic. What began as an outreach to youth and children of immigrants has snowballed into a large ministry that shares the gospel, has a club for kids, has regular evangelism meetings for refugees, gives out charity, and helps the refugees learn French in order to better integrate into their new country. We enjoyed meeting the refugees and hearing their dramatic stories of survival. We passed out food and clothes on a street in Paris where many of them have been living under a bridge.”

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