The St. Ard hospital recently expanded its services to become a 24-hour facility, complete with an emergency room. The hospital ministry at St. Ard uses general medicine and medical procedures to provide comfort and opportunities for evangelism and spiritual growth. Services include surgery, optometry, dentistry, pediatrics, prosthetics, obstetrics, and internal medicine.


The project cost is approximately $13,500 per patient room.

Project # 42.30301


  • In July 2005, the St. Ard Hospital, in partnership with the Church of God in Haiti, opened its doors.
  • The goal of the hospital has been to provide an array of services including medical, dental, radiographic, laboratory, optometry, pharmacy, prosthetics, and occasional surgical.
  • The hospital is staffed by Haitian medical professionals.
  • The hospital has now seen over 200,000 different patients!


The hospital began 24/7 care in 2018. With this change, the number of patients and patient needs has risen precipitously. Since many of the patients live in conditions without beds, electricity or running water, it becomes more important for their care and journey toward healing to provide a place for them to stay in the facility.


In order to provide improved care opportunities for patients, our designated care areas will need to be revamped to include some basic hospital beds, cabinets, lights, ventilation, guest chair, IV poles, etc. This will enable the patient and one family member to stay at the hospital for as many nights as needed.

The total cost of this phase of the project is approximately $13,500 per patient room.


“The plans are drawn, the contractor has been chosen, the government approval has been granted, and the support of the local medical community has been voiced.”

Mark and Kathy Fulton
Global Strategy Missionaries to Haiti and director of St. Ard Hospital

The Church of God in Haiti


The Church of God has a history in Haiti spanning more than 50 years, with the primary focus placed upon church planting and support. Within many of the Church of God facilities, schools have been established and a few children’s care facilities are currently operating. Church of God sponsored healthcare, however, has been limited to short-term visiting medical teams, who travel from church to church. In an effort to broaden the medical care opportunities in the outreaches of Haiti, a building was begun with the idea of Haitian medical professionals staffing the facility to provide healthcare on a routine basis with the Church of God coming alongside the indigenous personnel to provide support.

In July 2005, the “Hospital of the Church of God in Haiti” opened its doors. With continuous operation since that time, the hospital has now seen over 200,000 different patients, providing medical, dental, radiographic, laboratory, optometry, pharmacy, prosthetics, and occasionally surgical care.  With the advent of 24/7 care in January 2018, the patient care has necessarily shifted from outpatient medical needs to the needs of the more acutely ill patient, who might need overnight services.

There are other needs that need to be met in order to be fully functioning, such as further testing equipment, patient monitors, oxygen tanks, suction units, and nebulizers. These items will continue to insure that we’re able to provide the most complete care possible.

Construction Information

In January of 2017, Lopital L’Eglise de Dieu Réformée (the hospital of the Church of God) received a 3-year full hospital license from the government of Haiti, the maximum length available for licensure. During this 3-year period, certain demands are placed upon our facility to progress. One of the demands and a needed addition to our hospital was to provide 24-hour emergency care.  This necessitated many changes to our facility to accommodate not only emergency medicine but the ability for us to continue care for those who need inpatient services.  We also are charged with many other improvements from restrooms in our emergency services department to shower facilities to laundry facilities and many other mandated improvements and changes.

St. Ard Hospital

St. Ard Hospital

Images of the St. Ard Hospital, Haiti

Prosthetic Fitting

Prosthetic Fitting

A prosthetic fitting at the St. Ard Hospital, Haiti

Second Floor Renovations

Second Floor Renovations

Space of second floor renovation

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