The Kima International School of Theology (KIST) is blessed with a beautiful campus and well-kept grounds. The campus is often sought after for formal pictures and special events in the community. KIST can capitalize on this asset by offering tent and facility rental on weekends and during school breaks to be able to generate extra income for operational and campus expenses. These events also introduce opportunities to highlight KIST to the community and advertise its programs to potential new students.
The total project cost is $18,844.


KIST has already been able to utilize the asset of its beautiful campus for special events in the past, however they have always had to rent tents and other special event materials from other companies. This has limited the income generating potential of the school.


The goal of this project is to purchase tents, chairs, catering utensils, and construct a 4-unit latrine and water tanks that would enable KIST to offer a full service event rental so that the full income from those events can be secured by the school itself.


KIST will level an area to accommodate more tents and allow for easier setup, tear down, and general usage. Five tents will be purchased to accommodate 100 people each. One small tent will be purchased for food service. Five hundred chairs will be acquired to seat as many people in the large tents. Additionally, KIST would like to purchase two large (10,000L) heavy, plastic water tanks to replace cracked cement tanks to ensure that water is available during the events. Lastly, catering tools and utensils will be purchased to enable food service at special events. Staff are already available for catering and service.


“…the grounds at KIST are beautiful, the need is for tents, water tanks and catering utensil to bring additional income into the school.”

Ernie Nicholas
Missionary at KIST

KIST is a multi-national school that serves multiple countries. As is evident by the map on the left, KIST is strategically located between three major Church of God countries in East Africa.

Kenya has 820 churches and 164,000 believers.
Uganda has 550 churches and 54,000 believers.
Tanzania has 253 churches and 5,397 believers.

KIST boasts a beautiful campus which includes a chapel, classrooms, dormitory, computer lab, and library.

The Hekima Library houses 17,678 volumes, along with 144 volumes off-site being utilized in Extension Programmes.



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The Cost
The plan is to purchase five large tents and one small tent, 500 chairs, catering utensils, a 4-unit latrine, and two 10,000L water tanks.

Each of the large tents will accommodate 100 people and the small tent will be used for food service.

Full rental of the facility and tents would bring in approximately $650 for a 1-day rental. KIST can conservatively accommodate 6-10 events annually bringing facility rental income for the year between $3,900 to $6,500.

The total cost is $18,844.31

KIST is already sought after for facility rentals for special occasions. This project will only enhance what KIST already has. The special events bring awareness to the school as guests participate in the events held on the school grounds.


This project and the income it generates will be evaluated in an ongoing basis by the school’s administration, the school board, and Mike & Heather Webb – regional coordinators. Once items are purchased, the income and expenses of the facility rental will be evaluated. The school will also evaluate the ongoing impact of the facility rental on the students and the KIST community in terms of the time commitments, reception of guests, and the impact on the grounds.


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Student Scholarships
To ensure that the quality of education at KIST is accessible to a wide-range of people from East Africa, student scholarships are offered to help offset costs. Scholarship recipients are assessed based on letters of recommendation, current ministry involvement, KIST ministry involvement, and GPA.

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KIST Strategic Funding
Kima International School of Theology exists to equip students to become effective and influential servant leaders transforming and strengthening the church, community and world.  The KIST Strategic Funding project supports the school with important infrastructure improvements. Funds are used to do projects like building renovations, vehicle maintenance and replacement, and general operations.

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Letter from the Africa Regional Coordinator

 To the Global Strategy Team

We are writing this letter to confirm our approval of the new project proposal for tents at KIST. This project is a great idea in terms of further developing the capacity of KIST to generate income using the assets to which they already have access. The tents and the marketability that they will add to the school will definitely increase the income potential of the campus. We also feel good about the level of contribution of KIST given their current financial situation and the fact that they are already increasing their income each year and allocating that income wisely and in accordance with their budgetary needs. This is a good next step in further building KIST and the potential financial sustainability of the institution over time.

Mike and Heather Webb
Regional Coordinators for Africa

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