Evangel Press is the only Christian publishing house in Odisha state, India. They need to replace their 22 year old printing press as the current machine is in constant need of repairs and can only be used to publish in black and white.


The total project cost is $22,000.


Evangel Press has operated from the old mission station in Cuttack for over 40 years and the mission of the press has always been the printing of evangelistic tracts, Christian books, and information on the church for the general public. The language has always been Oriya, the local language for Odisha state.


In order to keep the presses running and Evangel Press in operation they have taken on private work for individuals’ weddings, celebrations, other church groups’ printing needs and almost anything that will produce a profit.  But they have only been able to print in black and white due to the nature of the printer.


Over the past number of years they have been able to save towards a new color printer but find that they are not able to save enough to fully purchase a new printer outright.  The new printer will be one that can produce color copies. A color printing press will give them the ability to enlarge their market with color printing for customers and for themselves.


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Evangel Printing Press

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